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Molly White’s take on a16z

Is Web3 a libertarian dystopia

Stripe’s fiat-to-crypto onramp

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I’m feeling jealous at the moment.

Imagine the FOMO

Turning 40 in a week.

What tips would you give me for the next decade of my life?

The second edition of my weekly newsletter Web3’s Top3 is out today. You can read it here.

Having a dinner with close friends is my fav time out.

I’m thrilled to share the first edition of my weekly newsletter called Web3’s Top3.

Do I have any chance?

I’ve had a bad couple of weeks. Everything seemed to be working against me. It’s a challenging period for my mental health ngl.

3 podcasts* I love listening to:

Naked Bible - thoughtful discussions on a wide range of Biblical topics

The Fifth Column - three prominent journalists dissect the news of the day

The Breakdown - daily analysis of the most important crypto themes

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Today I found out a childhood friend I haven’t seen for a long time committed suicide last year.

I’m deeply saddened.

What are your favorite podcasts?

Any topic is allowed.

I just signed an open letter to pause giant AI experiments

Why Internet security matters

Experimenting with a new micro blogging app on iOS. It’s still in Beta. You can try it here.

Niche social networks have a chance of gaining active user base as long as they’re built with users in mind.

Mastodon is a very good example of the above.

Playing with a new social networking protocol called Farcaster

Ohio, White Noise, and the Power of Words over Things is another brilliant documentary by the talented duo behind Truthstream Media. A must watch!

web3:// > http://

A view of the lake in my hometown

What would you do if you only have 100 posts available to share?

What is Bitcoin

Last year I obtained ‘petar’ as a Telegram username, and I’m thrilled to own and use it!

When I started using Micro in 2020, my personal name Petar was taken as a username here.

Surprisingly, the previous owner changed his Micro username from ‘petar’ to another one, and I was lucky enough to claim my personal name as a Micro username recently.

When Twitter, though?